Dream a Little Dream with Me....

I was doing some research yesterday when I came across this paragraph:

I have a recurring dream which I’ve read is common among those who have been to college. In this dream it is the end of the semester and I suddenly realize that I have not been attending a class that I’m registered for. The final exam is looming ahead of me and I’m panicked because I haven’t done the work for the class. Thankfully, I usually wake up at this point and realize that I’m off the hook. It was only a dream. 

I haven't dreamed that dream lately, but I instantly recognized it as one I have had from time to time.  I've always been curious what it might mean, so I went to a dream interpretation site on the internet to find the following:

Description: You arrive late at the test room, after the test has begun, or you are unable to find the test room, or are handed a test for which you are completely unprepared or cannot finish in time. An alternate version would find you in a play, musical performance or sporting event in which you have forgotten your lines or music, are missing needed equipment, or simply don't know what to do.
Frequency: This is a fairly common nightmare, even for those long graduated from school. It typically occurs when you are feeling "tested" in waking life.
Usual meaning: You feel unprepared for something, that you will "never make the grade," or are playing the wrong part in your waking life.
Questions to ask yourself:
  • Where do you feel tested or judged now in your waking life?
  • Who is assessing you?
  • What can you do to better prepare?
  • How can you relax and handle things successfully?
  • If you are in the wrong place or don't know your lines in a performance, ask yourself:
  • What do I need to change in my waking behavior?
  • What do I need to learn in order to improve or change roles?
  • What am I missing to perform well?
  • Where do I feel deficient?

    I will be better prepared to "use" this dream should it recur in the future.  I am struck by how frequently God gave direction to people in the Bible!  In the events surrounding the birth of the Lord Jesus, for instance, it was in a dream that God informed Joseph of the miraculous details of Christ's birth AND a dream that informed the magi to return to their home by a different route!  Of course, in the Old Testament, Joseph was given a special ability to interpret dreams.  

    I often record dreams in my journal when I remember them in the morning. Frequently, in writing the details, I have had insight into a situation in which I am involved...Have YOU had any unusual or recurring dreams?  Have you ever gained insight from a dream?


    1. I dream that I am flying quite often, it's an awesome dream! I've had that dream since I was a very young girl and it feels so real! I also dream that I am living on an ocean or large lake.
      But the strangest dreams I have are the ones where I discover all of this extra hidden rooms in my house, they are always filled with treasures of all sorts! Love Di ♥

    2. Great post Rebecca, I know I dream but I never remember them......I use to have a recurring one when I was ill with cancer and I would wake up feeling calm and unafraid....my loved ones were in it they were so reassuring....in fact I would like to have this dream again....:-) Hugs

    3. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blog world. Please feel free to visit anytime!

      I am loving the conference...can't wait to replay some of my favorite parts with the mp3's. Looking forward to tomorrow too.

      Joyce Marie

    4. My dreams can be relaxing...or bizarre.
      I haven't thought about keeping a record of them...perhaps that's best. (Someone might read them, and then the men in the white coats might come and take me away!) :)))
      Hugs and love to you, Rebecca. Thank you for being a loyal visitor...and a good friend.

    5. Di, you describe two dreams that I've had, too! Isn't that interesting! I haven't had either dream recently. I wonder why???? OK. I don't want to get sidetracked wondering. Too much to do today.

    6. i have a similar nursing dream...i am working a shift at the hospital and 4-5 hours into my 8 hour shift realize i have not seen most of my patients, passed no meds and i am in big trouble!

      I will pay attention in the future to what is going on in my life when that happens again...i dream it probably twice a year.

      thanks for sharing what you learned....carol hiestand

    7. Hi, Carol! Glad you're finally able to post! Isn't this kind of dream frustrating when you're in it?!

    8. I have a recurring dream, again not long ago
      in fact, where I am surrounded my kittens.
      They are everywhere! All sizes, all colors,
      just adorable. They are crawling and playing
      around me and I am laughing and so happy.
      I have had cats and kittens all my life and
      am a true animal lover. It's a wonderful
      dream but I can't imagine what it means or
      why I have this dream so frequently.

    9. What a wonderful idea to record your dreams...and find insight into life situations as you reflect upon them!! I'd never thought to write them down...You are so wise, Rebecca!!! I am grateful to you for your keen insights! Loved this post! ~Janine XO

    10. It's so interesting reading your comments! Sandy, I'm glad your recurring dream is such a pleasant one. I'll have to look it up and see if I can find a similar one already analyzed!

    11. I dream all the time. They are like spiritual check ups for me. Some have even showed me of upcoming events in my life. Perhaps some day I will share them.

    12. Wow, Dee! That would be interesting to hear. I, too, have had a few that were VERY instructional.

    13. Hi, Rebecca! I have had a very similar dream many times! And, yes, what a relief it is to wake up and know I'm not in college anymore!

      It is so easy to allow the stress of keeping up with everything get to me, but I only need to rest, knowing God has all under control.

      Your blog looks so beautiful! I love it! It is so warm and inspiring, and I enjoyed my visit with you this evening!

      Much love, and many blessing for the Lord's Day,


      P.S. I am sending you a friend request for facebook. :)

    14. Interesting thoughts! I had a recurring dream as a child. I was always flying and my arms were the 'wings', but I was always being pursued by a dark large 'thing'. Much later, when I went through some genuine repentance for a pattern of sin in an area of my life, and confessed and got it all right with God, the dream went away and has never returned! There was never a question that to me it was 'me' in the dream, trying to escape my own sin and guilt, and it was satan in pursuit. .."As far as the east is from the west', God has forgiven and forgotten.

      I haven't even thought about the dream for a long time. Interesting, isn't it, how He uses so many ways to get our attention.

      Good thoughts today Rebecca!


    15. I trained as a classical vocalist in college but stopped because of family and career. When I heard Jackie's voice, for the first time in my life I heard perfection. Let's be clear, my voice will never reach the natural perfection she possesses, but listening to her helps me understand the direction I need to be going. Her tones are crystal clear, yet she has vibrato. Her pitch is exact. By trying to emulate her sound, I have actually improved my own voice. In fact I auditioned and was recently accepted into the most prestigious chorus in the city. I credit this achievement in a great part to Jackie because she showed me to way to excellence.


    Writing a Song a Week #3

    Writing a Song a Week #3
    ♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)