Because our Sunday is filled with church activities, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early.  We chose our favorite restaurant for the occasion.  A few weeks ago, we'd heard that this particular Casa D'Angelos was closing.  There are several in our city, so we'll still be able to enjoy their food (their house salad is particularly wonderful).  However, in our opinion, none of them had as fine a decor as this one on Fairfield Avenue.  Traditional and stately, it featured bookshelves filled with old books, walls covered with great art, tableclothes and cloth napkins, and some of the best wait staff we have encountered.  Even the bathrooms were beautiful!
Here is my husband looking over the menu - probably for the last time here...
...and this is an example of some of the art hanging on the walls.
Goodbye, Fairfield Casa.


  1. Such a beautiful place....so sorry they are closing. You look gorgeous. Hope you guys had an awesome evening.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. It's always sad when something of quality and ambiance has to end. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it this one last time. Sadly, I've never eaten there--didn't really know about it.

  3. It's a shame to see a place like this close. Glad you were able to go there one more time.
    We are going to a Sweetheart Dinner at church tonight. Our youth are making and serving a fancy Italian dinner as a fundraiser for a Mission trip to Guatemala. Should be fun and it's a good cause!

  4. DONNA - It's not too late! I think they close on the 20th.

    MARI - What a great idea! A wonderful meal AND a way to invest in the lives of the youth & people of Guatemala. Enjoy.

  5. Oh, I love questions. And what a delight to find your blogs...tho I don't know which is the main blog.

    Yes, I was born in San Diego and grew up in Chula Vista. I now live at the beach....home since 1966. Two kids, 14 grandkids....all over the globe.

    I started writing a journal in 1974, and I've kept it up since then....first filled with doodles and drawings and madness. After a stroke slowed down my hand eye coordination, I used photographs. Artist, newspaper graphics person pre-computers, I took 8 years to get a degree in fine art with a few Architectural graduate classes in there too. Now I write. Life is not boring, and there certainly is a god. :)

  6. ...and I am so sorry about the restaurant. We have favorites like that which would be much missed if they close.

  7. Italian? Oh, you're speaking my language if so!

    Happy Love Day.


  8. I've not really been around your blog much, maybe just twice in the past weeks... but this very early morning (3am) finds me visiting those who left comments at my recent posts, and here I am at your place.

    What a delightful discovery, I keep saying to myself, as I look around - the quotes on the sidebars, the words of wisdom, the other blogs you have (on frugality, on the hermitage inn...) these are the very things that have a special place in my life.

    At last I find a blog that I will enjoy and look forward to visiting on early mornings when the world around me is still covered in dew, and everything is still. I will soon go to my prayer room, but before I post this comment, let me tell you that I have thanked God for you today...

    I have never gone to Casa D'angelo but the way you describe it tells me that it is just my kind of place. What a pity they're closing. But why? It makes me feel like the old bookstore in You've Got Mail (have you seen that movie?) when it had to close...

    Bye for now. I have placed a link to your blog on my sidebar.



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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