New Year's Resolutions Revisited (Just This Once)

My new 2010 Journal
For all of you who have given up on making New Year's resolutions because of past inability to keep them (and the ensuing feelings of guilt and shame), you REALLY must see Cass's solution.  Be sure to read at least the first part of this delightful post!  (Wish I'd thought of it myself!)

I've enjoyed New Year's Day.  It's been a relaxing one. After hosting an Open House last night,  I've spent today visiting blogs, eating leftovers, sharing the room with my husband who is watching football, and thinking about possibilities for growth and progress in 2010.  I "broke in" my new journal by preparing some pages on which to record books read, meaningful quotes, and an index to help me find journal highlights quickly.  Then I recorded a few of my heart's desires.

Two times in Haggai 1 (verse 5 & 7) God instructed His people to "consider their ways" or as the New International Version reads, "Give careful thought to your ways."  Of course, this is what I want to do EVERY day - but this seemed like a good time to evaluate some and plan much.

How did you spend YOUR day?


  1. Oh Rebecca, I am flattered that you linked to my silly New Year's post! However, I will do my best to break all of my resolutions as quickly as possible; how liberating!

    Have a lovely rest of the holiday and a blessed New Year. May we all find ways to be blessings to one another.

    All good wishes, Cass

  2. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!!

  3. It is such a joy to know, that we do not have to make resolutions. Instead, to stay open to what the Lord has in store for us this new year!

    Good for you in wearing a swimsuit!

    May the Lord fill your new year with joy and happiness ;-)


  4. Great to see you've gotten a great start to the New Year! I slept late, ran an errand in the afternoon ~ but also managed to do my Reflections and Resolutions post and start my blessings blog (which is going to be very different for me, as I usually keep a private journal and love the feel of writing on paper, but I'm excited to see what God wants to do with it).

    Abundant blessings! I'm off to bed early ~ trying to develop a new habit... Earlier to bed, earlier to rise! :)

  5. This sure sounds good to me and your day sounded heavenly......:-) Hugs

  6. Oh Rebecca I think that if we all " Give careful thought to your ways " as our resolution, everyday, that would cover everything. The older I get the harder I try to do just that. And it's not easy to be conscientious of our thoughts, words and deeds everyday. So I do believe that that in it self would be a perfect start for everyone!
    I too started a brand new journal this year. My reason though was different from yours, I believe. I forget things a lot now and I don't have my mom to help me anymore. So I decided that I must write all of the important stuff down!
    And Rebecca, I am so envious (I know thats wrong) that you and Gary were able to spend the day quietly together. That is precious time. I have really been missing my husband.
    How is Gary doing? Love Di

  7. It WAS precious time together. And I can "hear" the loneliness in your heart. I imagine it is doubly loud because your mother is not physically nearby...I am sorry.

    Gary will have his cardioversion on Wednesday morning. The procedure will actually stop his heart and then restart it - hopefully in a "regular" rhythm.

    By the way, I carry my date book with me EVERYWHERE and write down ANYthing I hope to remember. I'm even writing down where my various nativity sets are stored as I take them down and put them away this year! For some reason, I couldn't find many of them. I think they're scattered between 3 different places and I didn't want to put Gary through the hoops to find them.

    Wish I could drop in and chat face-to-face with you, Di. Sometimes we just need someone "with skin on them" to reassure us.

    Here's an attempt at a long-distance hug from me - ()

  8. Yes, my eye appointment was a regular one. I had some extra tests done, just to verify the health of my eyes. For the first time, I have to have bi-focals.
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Rebecca, I will have your Gary in my thoughts and prayers on Wednesday. I am amazed that the Lord has us living in a day and age of such wonderful medical technology. I started a journal of daily blessings. I think after seeing your pretty journal I may purchase a new one for myself. I keep a doodle journal with me at all times. I love journals and pens and is comforting to me to have them around. Today I feel some joy towards the New Year. I think your purple doodle-ish background has helped.:)

  10. Loved Cass's approach to the New Year and resolutions therein. Love yours as well. I would like to journal more. Of course, you already "heard" regarding my thoughts for the new year. Perhaps I should journal about that on a regular basis to see how I'm doing.

    Blessings and peace to you as we step into 2010.


  11. Rebecca, you never fail to make me think or to consider my inspire and challenge me every time I visit!!!! You are such a blessing in my life!!! Thank you!!! Love you! Janine XO

  12. Enjoy checking out your blog. Dec. 31 I journaled a summary of the year 2009 - what a good year it's been. I drew a large gift box, opened with wrappings and ribbons tumbling out and laying all around, marked "2009" - which is officially a wrap. January 1 was fun to break out my new journal, sketch a closed box marked 2010, and now wait expectantly for what God has wrapped up and ready for me to discover. Life is good, God is good....Jeremiah 29:11

  13. I hope the new year gives you all good things to record in your new journal, Rebecca and that all goes well with Gary's procedure on Wednesday. Will be thinking of you both!

  14. I usually spend the first day of the New Year reading my journal entries from the previous year and spend time with the Lord talking of a areas of my life that I desire Him to work on. My sister mentioned that we are way to reflective and I am wondering if God is up to something, for, along with loosing my planner, my journal has disappeared!! I am not the greatest at journaling - in fact the lost journal has at least 3 years included in it's pages but it does help me remember the marvelous ways God has provided and been my source of strength.

    Well I just found a new journal and started in instead of waiting for the old one to show up!



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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