I'm Sure You've Never Done This!

A couple of weeks ago, while browsing the blogosphere, I came across an interesting blog. The challenge was to post rooster pictures on an upcoming Friday. I THINK it was to be THIS Friday. I left a comment assuring the originator of this brilliant idea that I wold participate.

Now I have forgotten where I saw ANY of this. I can't even remember if it was THIS Friday or next. And I have no idea if I was supposed to do anything else. Anyway, here are pictures of two special roosters in my house. The lamp was made by my grandmother. It has survived numerous moves and has stood in various rooms of several homes I have lived in. The oil painting was done by a mother of a friend. I bought it at auction after the artist died.
The Rooster - a Short and Original Poem
Proud and regal,
serious and stately,
the rooster struts.
(I've not seen one lately.)


  1. I liked your roosters Rebecca. My daughter in law collects them! She has roosters all over her kitchen! I especially liked your rooster lamp and the fact that you can't remember what Friday you were supposed to post it . Thank you for not making me feel so all alone! Blessings to you Rebecca!

  2. Have I ever done this??? Rebecca, I did the exact same thing!!
    I didn't tell the blog owner that I'd participate but I had every intention of doing it, I have a big rooster collection, and I was gathering it together, and I was going to post it all on my other blog, and then totally forgot about it until I just read your post now!! How funny is that!
    Well, Rebecca, I'm thanking Heaven above that I'm not the only one! Whew!
    Seriously, I thought I had more time, I thought it seemed weeks away. Oh well.
    I almost did the same thing with a 'Tribute to Jackie', I told the blog owner I'd participate and then forgot about it! She emailed though and I was able to quick get it together!

    Makes life interesting!

    I LOVE your roosters! And I love the stories behind them even more. How wonderful for you to have those treasures and to treasure them!
    I used to have a little rooster Tiffany lamp in my kitchen but my sister-in-law so admired it that I had to give it to her (she had just come from a retreat where they told her of the rooster being a religious symbol and a symbol of hope and of new life, and it was right after her husband had passed, I thought it might bring her some comfort).
    Have a great weekend, Rebecca!

  3. Good morning Rebecca...I have a weakness for chickens and roosters too...We once had a live rooster that crowed every morning...the small g/kids loved it...

    I was going to suggest checking your computer's history for the site...but the village will enjoy your photos just as much!

  4. Wanda, I actually did what you suggested yesterday and found the site - Bella Vista at barbsgoodlife.blogspot.com! And Eileen, if this was the same spot YOU saw, it wasn't yesterday! It's still out there in the future (and I've already forgotten the date!) I have WAY too much going on it my head. It's crowding out the details! I think I've learned to just take care of myself and my little corner of the blogosphere, follow my familiar and sweet friends, and write careful notes to myself about anything new that I venture into!

  5. Dear Rebecca,

    Oh gosh, I've never had that happen to me.... hmmmm : D

    Not with roosters, anyway. I did it with a blog that was scheduling a "tea party". I made a mental note of participating and wound up forgetting the blog site and date.

    The roosters you have are lovely. The lamp is special because it was made by your grandmother. I don't particularly care for roosters or chickens but these two I like.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. It happens all of the time! Where did I see that? Where did I put that? It is encouraging that it happens to others. We can't all have dementia, can we?

  7. Rebecca I cannot decide what I enjoyed the most, I think the rooster lamp, it's history makes for a beautiful story. It isn't necessay to always remember dates and times, the fact that you now have completed your promise is enough, you have done the right thing and I love you for it.....Have a great and wonderful weekend my friend....:-) Hugs

  8. Oh my gosh!!! You have Rooseters too!!! I also have chickens in my collection. My painting is of 3 chickens and is a water color. Now, come winter, I rotate my roosters & chickes out for snowmen,

  9. It's wonderful to be in such delightful (and demented - Brenda's word!) company. Thank you all for your reassurances.

  10. Hi Rebecca, Even though I love cows...I happen to really like roosters and chickens too. My kitchen curtains are roosters..I LOVE your lamp. I saw that somewhere in blogland too...If I run across it I'll let you know :)
    I really, really LOVE the picture...You have great taste!
    Have a wonderful weekend..
    Love, Jerelene

  11. Goodness! I was gone for a day, and I missed all the excitement, dementia, etc. concerning roosters! I like your pics! And yes, it happens to me, more than I'd like to admit!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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