To Whom It May Concern - A Letter to the Editor

This is the attractive feature of a local park. I took our grandsons there on Tuesday. Unfortunately, this is the letter I had to write to the editor of our small, weekly newspaper:

To Whom It May Concern:

On Tuesday, July 7th, I took my grandsons to the Grabill Park located beside the ball diamonds. The boys, ages 7 & 5, bounded out of the car toward the train. “It’s been repainted!” shouted the oldest who remembered it from last summer. It DID look great! What a fine feature.

However, I was shocked and dismayed at the graffiti that covered the inside of the train!

Our oldest grandson is an avid reader, and the vulgarity and filth that marred the innocence of this otherwise fun experience did not go unnoticed. He had the decency to pretend he hadn’t seen it.

Parents, where ARE you? Public, what can we do to clean this up? Teens and ‘Tweens, this is public property. Please respect it. And respect yourselves. Jesus died out of love for you. Respect His sacrifice and receive His salvation and forgiveness.



  1. How sad that your grandson had to see the filthy words. :o( I run a forum for homeschooling moms and I had to add all the filthy words that I wanted blocked out. I had to do it in stages since it made me ill. Funny thing is (or not so funny, if you know what I mean) I used to use many of those words on a daily basis.

    Thank you, Jesus, for saving me!!!

  2. That was a sad situation Rebecca. It sounds like your grandson had quite a bit of sense for his age. I would be proud of him.
    But it's really not the teens and tweens fault. It's the people that raised them, if they are even the one's that did it.
    Unfortunately many of today's youth aren't fortunate enough to have parents and grandparents who are willing or even are capable of teaching their children right from wrong. Technology is today's babysitter.It's a shame that so many people believe that their children will raise themselves.
    I wouldn't blame the teens. No. Look to the parents.

  3. Good point! That's why my first question was
    "Parents, where ARE you?"

    Then, at some point, teens and 'tweens DO have to take some responsibility. It IS a shame that they've had no training and support in establishing boundaries and frameworks for their actions.

  4. I am so happy you took a stand and wrote to the editor! All it takes is one person such as your self to make a change. I also want to comment on how sweet the picture of your grankids leaving is. It touched my heart. I have a hard time saying good bye-because our viaits are to far apart. Dee

  5. What a shame a happy event had to be spoiled a little. Graffiti, an eyesore and then vulgarity to top it off!
    We used to have that a LOT here in New York, but now I notice the graffiti 'artist' really do more artwork now, murals and things like that. But once in awhile you will see the curses on the overpasses while we are driving on the highway, and sadly, even on private property (some poor home owners had just gotten a beautiful PVC white fence and it was disgraced!). And the subway cars used to be disgusting!
    There are BIG fines here now, I think that helped to curb it a lot.

  6. Good for you for speaking out about the vandalism that is running rampant everywhere. When I worked at an alternative high school for at-risk kids, I asked some to teach me how to read it (and to learn each kid's "tag") and they were more than happy to brag on themselves.

    Children so young should not have to be exposed to such nonsense.

  7. I'm so sorry you had this experience... I'm glad, though, that you are doing something about it. Thanks so much for visiting my blog--I really appreciated your taking the time to comment. I hope you'll come again soon! Your blog is very nice and I'll be returning. Blessings, Debra

  8. Oh Rebecca, I felt so bad when I read what was written on a train for children....makes one wonder who is watching and guiding our children. So glad you spoke up.....:-) Hugs

  9. Some places have successfully asked teens to help 'erase' or replace bad graffiti with art, so that can be an answer. Maybe concerned parents even donating their time to "clean it up".
    Kelly and I were appalled at all the trash on the beach and tons of cigarette butts among it all...we just wanted to get some plastic bags and start picking it up!
    Hopefully that letter to the editor will get some good responses.

    blessings and hugs,


  10. How sad that someone feels the need to write such nonsense, especially in an area where little kids will be...

    I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment regarding my daughter's 16th birthday party...I appreciate it!.

  11. God bless you for taking a stand sweetie.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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